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Pricing for The Intranet Corporate Directory

The Intranet Corporate Directory comes in two versions: silver and gold

NT Silver

The gold version is especially easily updateable.
We also offer the option to include a photo with each person in your corporate directory.
Specifics: Our Intranet Product Directory runs on any Microsoft NT (version 3.X or above) server in conjunction with any http server.

Specific pricing and ordering information follows:

Silver: $4,995
Gold: $6,995
Maintenance Package: $995
    The Maintenance Package includes:
    • Custom background (your corporate colors, logo, wording, layout, etc.)
    • Unlimited telephone tech support for first year
    • Customized key fields tailored to your organization.

If you do not purchase the maintenance package, we still give you free telephone tech support during installation and set-up (for first 30 days after purchase/download).

Money Back Guarantee: The payment for this product is as follows: When we receive a faxed or postal mailed Purchase Order from your company, we will provide you with a download address and installation instructions. You will also receive an invoice from us payable within 30 days of issuance of the P.O.; however, any time within that first 30 days, if for ANY reason you are not satisfied with the product (including the famous "the dog ate it" excuse), you may notify us in writing before the end of the first 30 days and you are therefore absolved from having to pay the invoice and your license for the product will be revoked.

The purchase order should be made out to:
     The GINESYS Corporation
     1200 Woodruff Road, C-9
     Greenville, SC 29607
     FAX: 864-458-9050

It should state that it is for either the "Intranet Corporate Directory (Silver) for $4,995" or "Intranet Corporate Directory (Gold) for $6,995." If you want the maintenance package, it should specify so and show an additional $995 in the total. "TERMS: NET 30 unless canceled in writing prior to 30 days from date of this P.O."

Thank you for interest in The Intranet Corporate Directory. We look forward to serving you.

Tell us you're interested with an email message to:
Or call us toll free at: (800) 277-8338

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