Consulting Rates

GINESYS has a spectrum of consulting fees designed to give you great value at competitive prices.

Ph.D. with over 30 years experience and executive level communication skills: $185/hr.

Senior On-Site Engineer with over five years project management experience: $150/hr.

Stateside Programmer/Programmer Analyst: $125/hr

Offshore (India or Russia) Software Development & Maintenance Support: $25/hr. to $50/hr. (depending on level of experience)--We guarantee the quality of our offshore development services.

NOTE 1: For contracted engagements of more than 100 hours, stateside rates can be discounted by up to 15% and for contracted engagements of more than 1000 hours, 25% discounts on stateside rates are available.

Note 2: Reasonable and customary travel, lodging, and meal expenses will be charged in addition to the above rates in accordance with receipts and standard IRS travel deductions for mileage. Standard per diem agreements can be negotiated for meals and lodging.

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