K-Vision's Benefits

Productivity gains through:

  • Preserving critical knowledge and expertise
  • Distributing knowledge and expertise to more people and locations
  • Making knowledge and expertise available 24 hours a day.

Improved control through:

  • Consistent solutions
  • Improved ability to predict performance
  • Uniformity of resolutions.

Product and service enhancement by:

  • Allowing customization for high volume products
  • Improving quality of decisions and analysis
  • Allowing for subjective judgments.

Advantages for Users

Feature Benefit
Intelli-search & Case-Based Reasoning Allows user to type in an information request in free-form unrestricted English text and the system will instantly find the knowledge that best answers the question.
Flexible user interface allows user to develop personal style of operation. Allows faster access to information and is adaptable to user's experience level.
Auto Fax One click faxes information, drawings, pictures, certification letters, etc. to the customer.
Improves communication with customer.
Auto Notes -- one click allows users to comment on customer or system needs with management or I.S. Improves communication with management and developers by allowing the user to leave feedback.
Multi-Media Gives user access to high quality reference and training material.
Backup -- one click lets you change a previous answer Allows user to quickly and easily change his or her mind, or do "What if'ing"
ODBC & Client/Server Support Get all the information needed through one interface.
GUI Intuitive interface allows beginners to easily get started and gives advanced users powerful functionality.
Auto Logging Automatically tracks conversation with customers and builds log books. Allows the user to quickly and easily refer to previous sessions with the customer.

Advantages for Management

Feature Benefit
Friendly and Intuitive Graphical Acquisition Graphical interface greatly reduces development time because it lends itself to rapid and efficient knowledge acquisition, error free code is always generated, and minimal training time is required. All these keep costs low.
Auto Logging Reduces liability by automatically tracking precisely what was told to the customer.
ODBC compatible ODBC support allows the integration of all corporate information services (databases) into your application.
Auto Learning All users/workers share knowledge with minimum management attention and resources.
ESSINC Cross platform portability allows you to imbed your system into an application or port your system to any platform.

Advantages for Developers

Feature Benefit
Intuitive and Flexible Graphical Knowledge Acquisition You do the design, K-Vision does the coding and code verification automatically.
Graphical Object Oriented Editing Environment Allows you to design your system using simplified, conceptual editing.
Auto-generation of Rule Base from Knowledge Tree Because error free syntax is always generated, testing is simplified.
Easily Defined and Inspectable Knowledge Object Visually inspect knowledge completeness.
DLL Access Integrate with existing code by use of DLL calls.
External Program Access Integrate with existing applications by running any external application.
Easy to use Multi-Media Hooks Rapid professional multi-media integration.
Advanced Debugging Tools Quickly isolate and fix logic errors with execution trace, expression inspectors, rule listing, and more.
Graphical Looping Mechanism Supports iteration in knowledge trees.
Graphics Modularity Define knowledge once and use it in many other places through sub-trees, assignment nodes, And more.

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