Basic economics has taught us that the value of a commodity is determined by its supply. In modern business, knowledge is the ultimate commodity, and technical experts are its supply. Your company has experts in various areas, and commonly the need for their expertise outweighs their ability to deliver it. K-Vision is the solution: a means to duplicate your experts' knowledge for wider, more available access to everyone who needs it.

K-Vision, a graphical knowledge acquisition tool with a rule-based structure, allows you to build knowledge-based systems quickly and easily. With it, you can efficiently create decision trees based on knowledge gathered from a subject expert. As you build the solution, you see the knowledge tree forming graphically on the screen. You need not guess where you are missing information; you can see these locations instantly, click on them, and continue building the appropriate solution. Using K-Vision, complex knowledge-based systems can be built in a fraction of the time that it would take to program the same logic.

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