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. K-Vision is an expert system tool to assist in the development of decision support systems. K-Vision is unlike other expert system development tools in that it employs a unique knowledge mapping paradigm. This knowledge mapping paradigm was developed to provide an easy to understand visual display of the decision process. It allows for the intuitive analysis and development of an automated system that models the human decision process for various types of human problem solving.

This software is provided free of charge for either commercial evaluation purposes or for academic/educational purposes to support courses of instruction that are recognized by universities, colleges, and other such public or private educational institutions. There are just a couple caveats on its use:
  • If it used for commerical purposes (beyond initial evaluation) or for profit outside the strictly educational institutional setting, you must contact The GINESYS Corporation to purchase a license to the software, and

  • Please remember that we developed this software at considerable expense and need to be compensated in some way. One way we do this is to provide expert consulting on its use to improve efficiencies for other businesses. If you have such a need, please don't hesistate to contact us for assistance in making your efforts more efficient and cost effective. Thank you.

Download Instructions:
  1. If you agree to comply with the terms of the
    K-Vision End User License Agreement, then click
    here to download the K-Vision software. (4.7 Megabytes)
    Select the "Save this program to disk" option. Then click the "OK" button.
    This will begin the transfer of the "kvinstal.exe" file to your computer.
    Note: Some users will get an error message refering to ODBC.DLL after they attempt to run K-Vision after installing it. Should this happen to you, simply save the following two files into your WINDOWS/SYSTEM folder: download ODBC.DLL and download ODBCINST.DLL.
  2. Save this file in a directory (folder) all by itself (we suggest naming the folder "K-Vision").
  3. After you have saved the "kvinstal.exe" file to your "K-Vision" folder, then double click on it and it will install K-Vision into your "K-Vision" folder.
  4. After the files have all been installed, close the black installation window. Then click on the file named "K-Vision.exe" and your K-Vision program will start.

K-Vision Tutorial and Documentation:
  • There are five chapters in the User's Manual and six chapters in the Reference Manual. Click here to view the tables of contents and download both manuals.
  • If you would like to be able to print your own set of user documentation, you can down load the K-Vision User's Manual ("usr.exe") and the K-Vision Reference Manual ("ref.exe"). These files should be saved in your "K-Vision" folder. After you have downloaded the two files ("usr.exe" and "ref.exe"), you can double click on them and they will install Microsoft Word documents in your folder. You can view them and print them from Microsoft Word. There is a fairly good beginning tutorial that should be pretty easy to follow named "USRTUTOR.DOC" in the set of ".doc" files that are installed from the "usr.exe" file.
  • Several example ".tre" files have been included in the installation package. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE NEW USER NOT START WITH THESE FILES. These files illustrate some advanced programming techniques that will probably only serve to confuse the new K-Vision user. When you are feeling a bit more confident and adventurous with the operation of K-Vision, you might start with the file "viddemo.tre" as it illustrates how easily one can add multimedia capability to a K-Vision built system.

Other Documentation for Using K-Vision:
  • Look in the K-Vision help file. You can access this via either the "Help" option on the K-Vision tool bar, or by double clicking on the file named: "K-Vision.hlp" that should be located in your "K-Vision" folder.


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