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An Exciting New Concept in Intranet Corporate Directories!

Your Entire Corporate Directory Completely Implemented in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!
The complete INTRANET application is generated automatically from a database of your employees
  • A great way to create a POPULAR QUICK WIN for your new INTRANET strategy
  • …No RISK…
  • EVERYONE will use it and like it!
  • Establishes broad CREDIBILITY throughout your company for your INTRANET efforts!

    No one else has this feature!
    POWERFUL! You can find names that are SIMILAR TO parts of names or job descriptions you remember!
    Maybe you want to know who runs the Delicatessen in Manheim--or maybe you're looking for Thomas Hardy but you don't know exactly how he's listed or you're not sure of the spelling of his name...

    Try entering: "who runs the delicatessen in Manheim?"
    and then try entering: "Tom or tommy hardee or hardie"

    Don't worry about syntax or spelling, the directory doesn't care!

    Call us at 1-800-277-8338 to set up a test demonstration.

    Click here for Commonly asked questions and ordering information.

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