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Piemonte Foods, Inc.

Piemonte Foods, Inc. is a pizza crust manufacturer with about $24 million in overall sales last year. Their existing web site was not building a customer base nor generating revenue. Seeking to increase sales within their Fundraising Division ($800,000 yearly gross sales), Piemonte executives participated in a business needs-analysis and chose the GINESYS Business Web Advantage as a means to broaden their customer base and increase sales.

GINESYS custom designed a web site incorporating Internet marketing strategies to target a select customer base. In its first month the web site generated three, new distributors and valid order requests/inquiries for just under $1 million. We conservatively estimate that the web site will multiply the annual business volume for the Fundraising Division by more that 600%.

Paintball Command

Paintball is a sport where people engage in simulated battles using guns that shoot small plastic balls filled with paint. When the paintball hits, it splatters a tablespoon of washable paint onto the target.

A paintball supplier participated in a business needs-analysis and considered the GINESYS Business Web Advantage as the way to achieve their goal to increase sales. We custom designed and implemented a web site to increase profits without increasing overhead. In its first week the web site generated about $100 per day in sales. It climbed steadily, reaching $3,000 per day within the first two months. The web site established a run rate of $500,000 and is climbing! We anticipate that within the first year, this web site will be selling over $3 million in paintball supplies. It's easy to see that Paintball Command is more than just a web site. It's a turn-key business solution that achieved business goals in measurable ways.

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Ford Authorized Remanufacturers

The Ford Authorized Remanufacturers Association is a national network of independent distributors who sought for a means to develop a group database that could centralize inventory and stocking information. Looking for business solutions rather than just a web site, they chose the Business Web Advantage as the vehicle to build a secure web site to join wide ranging locations into a single private server, popularly known as an Extranet in today's market place.

The success of the site is measured in its ability to provide up-to-date stock information that allows the association to better balance stock levels and avoid under or out-of-stock situations. The site also provides functionality for an association directory and contact information as well as a facility for handling superseded stock numbers seamlessly with new numbers. This makes stock inquiries even more useful by showing the item requested as well as replacement items that are available.

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